Rocky Mountain Flight School

Flight Review (BFR)

 Current Pilot Certificate
 Current Medical Yes
 Flight Time N/A
 FAA Written Exam No
 FAA Check-Ride No
FAR 61.56(a) requires that to act as PIC, you must complete a flight review or complete an alternative to a flight review every 24 calendar months.  This must be accomplished in an aircraft for which you are rated.  Your flight review must include the following:
  • One hour of flight training & one hour of ground training.
  • A review of current general operating & flight rules of Part 91.
  • Demonstration of the safe exercise of the privileges of your pilot certificate.
Additional areas may be covered at the discretion of the flight instructor or by your request.  You will need to book a minimum of three hours to complete a flight review.

Flight Instructors

You may also meet the requirements of 61.56(a) by one of the following options:
  • Complete one or more phases of the FAA Wings program.
  • Pass a practical test for a pilot certificate.
  • Pass a practical test for a new rating on your pilot certificate.
  • Pass a practical test for an instructor certificate or an additional rating on an instructor certificate.
  • A Part 121 or 135 proficiency check. 
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