Instruction Provided

Brian Young:  CFI, CFII


Mobile:  517-256-1350

Brian’s passion for aviation was sparked at a very young age. He grew up with eyes in the sky, full of wonder and amazement at each passing aircraft. His first flight experience was at the age of 10 with his great uncle, a former Navy pilot. From that point on, Brian knew he wanted to be a pilot as well. He completed flight school as part of his college education and worked his way up to Instrument Flight Instructor. However, life had other plans for Brian, pulling him away from flying for a number of years. He has now been reunited with his passion and loving it more than ever!  During his absence, Brian managed outdoor businesses, was a guide in Alaska, and also stayed busy as a rock climbing instructor. From these experiences, he noticed important skills developing: teaching, thinking under pressure, patience, etc., all of which were preparing him to be the best flight instructor he could be later in life. Brian is happy to be back in aviation, and although he is unsure where the many opportunities in this industry will take him, he is ready for whatever is to come.


Flight Review (BFR)

Mountain Training
Aircraft Checkout