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Membership fees are used to help cover fixed aircraft operation cost.  It is the major factor in helping us keep hourly rates on our aircraft as low as possible.  Some examples of how membership fees are used:

  • GPS Subscription Updates
  • ADS-B & Avionics Upgrades
  • A portion of aircraft insurance

Monthly Membership

  • Automatic payment on the 1st day of each month.  You fly as many hours as you wish each month paying only the hourly rate for the aircraft.

Daily Membership

  • Payment included on your invoice each day you fly.  You fly as many hours each day as you wish paying the hourly rate for the airplane plus the daily membership fee.

Changing Membership

  • Monthly to Daily - We will remove you from the automatic payment for the following month. Daily membership will apply.
  • Daily to Monthly - We will add you to automatic payments starting the following month.  Monthly membership will apply.
  • Need to cancel your membership?   Simply choose "Daily Membership" all of your aircraft check-outs remain in effect and you will not be billed.