Student pilots and pilots must have Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance to rent aircraft from Rocky Mountain Flight School.  The following providers offer Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance:


When purchasing insurance, you will need to choose a tier of Bodily Injury and Property Damage Coverage (you may choose any tier, but many students pick $25,000 Person/$250,000 Property). Next, you will need to choose a tier of Aircraft Damage Liability Coverage. Rocky Mountain Flight School only accepts $10,000 annual coverage or higher ($1,000 and $5,000 tiers are not accepted). If you pick the minimum tiers from Avemco for instance, the annual premium will be $250/year (in 2021).

Once you have purchased insurance, please email a copy of your Policy PDF to


Under "Start Your Application," RMFS will auto-populate. 

See Avemco's rate sheet here.

Southwest Aviation Insurance Group
AOPA/Assurance Partners
Under "Get a Quote," select "Renters Insurance"
Global Aerospace

Starr Insurance Companies