N3162L - Cessna 310J

​Minimum Requirements

Initial Multiengine Rating from RMFS and:

TT 500 | Complex 200 | Multiengine 100 | M&M 25 Instrument Rating | RMFS instructor checkout 

Annual proficiency check with RMFS instructor


TT 750 | Complex 200 | Multiengine 200 | M&M 25 Instrument Rating | RMFS instructor checkout

Annual proficiency check with RMFS instructor


The information provided on this page is for planning purposes ONLY.  It is the responsibility of the PIC to check the aircraft POH/AFM and all other required documents for current and accurate information specific to this aircraft.


Wet rate $239.00 per hour | Parking Spot 30 

​Weight & Balance

Fuel Capacity (US Gal)133.0
Usable Fuel130.0
Empty Weight CG35.50
Empty Weight (lbs)3285.00
Max Takeoff Weight (lbs)5100.00
Useful Load (lbs)1815.00
Aircraft Specification

Maximum HP260
Number of Seats6
Intercom Stations4
GPSGarmin 530W