Aircraft Specification

Maximum HP160
Number of Seats4
Intercom Stations2
GPSGarmin 400
ADS-BLynx NGT-9000

Weight & Balance

Fuel Capacity (US Gal.)43.0
Usable Fuel40.0
Empty Weight CG39.02
Empty Weight (lbs)1471.95
Max Takeoff Weight2300
Useful Load (lbs)825.05

N4547E - Cessna 172N Skyhawk

Minimum Requirements

Student Pilot
Aircraft checkout with RMFS instructor

Wet rate $99.00 per hour | Parking Spot 22


The information provided on this page is for planning purposes ONLY.  It is the responsibility of the PIC to check the aircraft POH/AFM and all other required documents for current and accurate information specific to this aircraft.