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FAA - Unmanned Aircraft General (UAG) Knowledge Test

Testing Hours

Comira is a full service testing company for licensure, certification, assessment, and educational testing. Follow the Comira link for information on available exams.

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  1. Visit
  2. Create an account and register for an examination
  3. Selected Organization = Federal Agencies
  4. Select Agency Name = FAA Unmanned, FAA AKT, or FAA ATSA

***Tests cannot be scheduled the day before, but on certain occasions can be scheduled same day (2 hours in advance)

FAA Written Exams $160

FAA - Airman Knowledge Testing Exams

Rocky Mountain Flight School proctors FAA written exams in partnership with Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS) and the FAA.  We also proctor testing for Comira.


The Unmanned Aircraft General Knowledge Test is required in order to obtain your Remote Commercial License (Part 107). Additionally, the Unmanned Aircraft Recurrent (UGR) Knowledge Test is also offered and required every 2 years following your initial (passing) UAG. You can register for the test by calling CATS at 844-704-1487. For additional information follow the UAS and FAA Advisory Circular AC 107-2 Links.

Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Comira - Computer-based Exams

For registration information follow the CATS link. PSI can be contacted at 1-844-704-1487 for assistance with scheduling, but cannot assist with rescheduling. All scheduling and changes are now done online.

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