"A man with wings large enough and duly attached might learn to overcome the resistance of the air and raise himself upon it." - Leonardo da Vinci

At Rocky Mountain Flight School, primary flight training is just one of many options for reaching new horizons.  We can help you with:

Training Programs

Private Pilot CertificateFly with friends and family in visual flight conditions clear of clouds.
Commercial Pilot Certificate
Fly for compensation or hire as a professional pilot.
Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
Fly for the airlines or as a charter captain.
Instrument RatingFly in instrument meteorological conditions and become a better, safer pilot.
Instrument CurrencyTo regain instrument currency within 12 months of instrument currency.
Instrument Proficiency Check
To regain instrument currency beyond 12 months from instrument currency.
Flight Instructor CertificateBecome a flight instructor - CFI, CFII, or MEI.
Multiengine RatingPrivate, Commercial or MEI
Mountain Training
Learn to fly safely in the mountains.
Flight Review (BFR)
Required every 24 months to retain your pilot priviliges
Complex, High Performance & CFI Spin endorsements.
Aircraft Checkout
Required for each make and dissimilar model of aircraft.