Rocky Mountain Flight School

Private Pilot Certificate
Fly with friends and family in visual flight conditions clear of clouds.
Commercial Pilot Certificate
Fly for compensation or hire as a professional pilot.
ATP Pilot Certificate
Airline Transport Pilot certificate,  FAA written exam required.
Instrument Rating
Fly in IMC conditions and become a better safer pilot.
Instrument Currency
If you are less than 12 months out of instrument currency.
Instrument Proficiency Check
If you are 12 or more months out of instrument currency.
Flight Instructor Certificate
Become a Flight Instructor, CFI, CFII or MEI.
Multi-Engine Rating
Private, Commercial or MEI.
Mountain Training
Learn to fly safely in the mountains.
Flight Review (BFR)
Required every 24 months to retain your pilot privileges.
Complex, High Performance & CFI spin endorsement.
Aircraft Checkout
Required for each make & dissimilar model of aircraft.

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