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CFI Alex Coelho.jpg

Alex Coelho



Instruction Provided



Complex/High Performance

Flight Review (BFR)

Aircraft Checkout

Training Provided In Following Aircraft:

Cessna 152 *

Cessna 172 (N/P/R)

Cessna 172RG

Cessna 182 (P/Q)

Cessna 182RG

Piper Warrior

Piper Archer

Piper Arrow

*Be Advised : W&B requirements may not allow this instructor to train/checkout certain individuals in this aircraft model*

A Bit About Alex

Alex grew up flying with his dad in Colorado. Alex learned to fly on instruments before learning VFR flying. His dad would only let him fly if he could go the right direction and he was too short to see outside of the airplane! After 10 years in public service, he decided to make flying a career. Alex has spent years teaching and enjoys helping others achieve their goals. Alex completed his private, instrument, commercial and commercial multi in Colorado. He has experience in mountain flying and regularly flies around the United States to visit family. While not flying, Alex enjoys spending time with his family and hopes one day to live on a beach.

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