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Jeff Poland



Instruction Provided




Complex/High Performance


Spin Training

Flight Review (BFR)

Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)

Aircraft Checkout

Mountain Training

Training Provided In Following Aircraft:

Cessna 152

Cessna 172 (N/P/R)

Cessna 172RG

Cessna 182 (P/Q)

Cessna 182RG

Piper Warrior

Piper Archer

Piper Archer G500

Piper Arrow

Piper Cherokee Six

A Bit About Jeff

Ever since Jeff was a child, he wanted to be a pilot. After taking a brief detour into medicine, he started his private pilot training in Washington State in 2016, and after flying for fun until 2018, he started up a flight school, which unfortunately became a victim of COVID-19. He then found himself completing 2.5 years of a 14 week contract FEMA/medical contract in the Caribbean, where he accidentally ended up in medical school. He moved back to Colorado where he grew up, and is excited to share his passion for aviation with prospective students. He has over 1,800 flying hours and 1,200 hours of dual given in over 30 different models of aircraft, from Cessna and Piper to Pitts and various experimentals, has flown from the West coast of the US to the middle of the Caribbean, and wants to pass on the wisdom from his mistakes so you don’t have to make them!

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