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$25.00 per month

Rocky Mountain Flight School has implemented a monthly membership fee for all students and renters. These fees help support facility and aircraft expenses, as well as free amenities for our customers, which allows us to keep our airplane and instructor rates competitively low!

You can sign-up/adjust your membership below. 


NOTE: You will only be charged once a month. RMFS has no annual/sign-up fees and you may cancel any time. No charges will occur after cancellation as long as you give ample notice before the next charge date. 


*Please contact the office or discuss with us in person special accommodations for these fees, dependent on individual pilot circumstance. Also contact us if charges occurred after cancellation request.*

Membership  Types:

Use the following descriptions to decide the best membership option for your training needs!

Automated Credit Card Charge:

         -   $25 will be charged to payment card of your  choice on the 1st of every month

*Best for our full time students and frequent renters*

Charged on Account:

         -   $25 will be charged to your customer account and payment will be received along with your first invoiced flight of the month. If no flights occur in a given month, the charge will be removed with no penalties.

*Best for infrequent fliers or for those that may not be able to fly at least once per month*

Membership Hold:

         -   Select if you would like to put your membership on a brief or extended hiatus. Add date of return (if applicable) in the "Additional Info" field.

Cancel Membership:

         -   Select if you would like to cancel your membership indefinitely.

Membership Form

This form is for current members ONLY. To get enrolled in the school and receive a placement, please call the office at 303-465-4600.

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