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Edition: #MTBIBLE-3R

Mountain Flying Bible - Sparky Imeson

  • Stay out of Trouble - Learn the basic, intermediate and advanced techniques of mountain flying. The book is arranged in the sequence of an actual flight for ease of use in finding the information you want and need. It covers Preflight, Take off, En route, Arrival and Landing.
    Move into advanced operations with ease and safety.

    Airplane Performance - Learn to anticipate how your airplane will perform in the mountains.

    Discover simple rules-of-thumb to enhance safety and simplify operations.

    Weather - Learn the weather information required for peace of mind and increased pleasure.

    Color Photos - 16 pages of color photos of backcountry strips covering the approach, landing and takeoff procedures.

    Simplify your Flying - Comprehensive book with helpful Icons, Rules of Thumb, Formulas, and Secrets. Indispensable for the novice or experienced pilot.

  • 9781880568170

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