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Austin Duffield


Instruction Provided

Flight Review (BFR)
Aircraft Checkout

Training Provided In Following Aircraft:

Cessna 152 *
Cessna 172 (N/P/R)
Cessna 172XP
Cessna 172RG
Cessna 182 (P/Q)
Cessna 182RG

Piper Warrior
Piper Archer
Piper Archer G500
Piper Arrow
Piper Cherokee Six

*Be Advised : W&B requirements may not allow this instructor to train/checkout certain individuals in this aircraft model*

A Bit About Austin

Austin has been flying since 2015—training in Boston, LA, Las Vegas, and now Denver since 2022. He went to school for engineering and split his time between writing software and teaching all the best flight students here at RMFS. In his free time, he enjoys reading, skiing, and flying gliders. He's excited to work with new folks on ratings, checkouts, flight reviews, or whatever flying goals they may have.

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