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Multi-Engine Rating

A Multi Engine Rating is a pilot rating that qualifies you to fly as pilot-in-command (PIC) of any aircraft with more than one engine. It is a necessary pilot certification add-on for any aspiring pilot to advance to the airlines, or to increase their overall marketability in the aviation workforce.

There are several reasons why a pilot might want to earn a multi engine rating:

  • Pilot career advancement — required to fly for most commercial airline jobs

  • You're qualified to fly bigger, faster aircraft with greater range

  • Enjoy the inherent safety of having a second engine in the event of an engine failure


- Earn the required endorsements from an authorized instructor

- Take and pass a checkride with a pilot examiner to act as PIC of a multi engine aircraft

Not required to earn a multi engine rating:

- No requirement for a knowledge test (when the multi engine rating is conducted as an add-on)

- No minimum flight time requirement (however you can expect to need 10 to 15 hours in the multi engine airplane before receiving endorsements from an instructor)

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