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Rocky Mountain Flight School requires all pilots flying PIC to obtain their own Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance. Student Pilots must purchase a policy before first solo.

The following insurance providers are available for your convenience/price shopping, but aircraft insurance can be obtained from any company of your choosing. Once you have purchased insurance, please email a copy of your Policy PDF to

* Level of Bodily/Property Damage Coverage = Pilot's Choice (No Minimums)
* Level of Aircraft Damage Liability Coverage = $10,000 Minimum
***Policies with Aircraft Damage Coverage below $10,000 will NOT be accepted and pilots will not be allowed to fly***



  • Liability coverage for bodily injury, damage to property, and aircraft damage.

  • No deductible, ever.

  • No policy cap on legal defense fees for covered claims, even if you are sued for more than your liability limit.

  • No blanket FAR exclusions.

  • Up to $5,000 for necessary medical expenses.

AOPA / Assured Partners

  • #11 on Largest Brokers of Business Data & Rankings

  • AOPA Member discounts

  • Insurance for your personal and non-commercial use of a non-owned, single engine land, fixed wing, non-pressurized, aircraft having a non-turbine engine of 450 horsepower or less (including non-powered sailplanes), capacity of seven (7) or less total seats, and a standard, experimental, restricted or light sport aircraft certificate.

  • Multi-Engine, Rotorwing and Seaplanes are not included unless specifically selected and quoted.

  • Under "Get a Quote" select "Renters Insurance" then "Start Quote"

AOPA Insurance.jpeg

Southwest Aviation Insurance Group

Office Manager

  • Over 85 combined years of experience as both aviation insurance underwriters and insurance brokers

  • Offers Non-Owned coverage for Personal, Flight Instructor, and Professional use

  • Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) Discount (only applicable for SAFE members requesting Flight Instructor coverage)

Global Aerospace

  • Worldwide portfolio of clients who are engaged in every aspect of the aviation and aerospace industries

  • 90+ of insurance expertise

  • No two risks are the same, no two aviation insurance programs should be priced the same


Starr Companies Global Insurance

  • In-house claims professionals with an average of 35 years of experience.

  • Board certified, in-house safety professionals

  • Customized property & casualty insurance plans

  • Aviation Renters Insurance On-Demand: Buy renter coverage by the month or the year

  • Safe pilots can earn discounts up to 35% off (app scores will never increase your insurance cost)

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