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Jordan Gage


Instruction Provided

Flight Review (BFR)
Aircraft Checkout

Training Provided In Following Aircraft:

Cessna 172 (N/P/R)
Cessna 172RG
Cessna 182 (P/Q)
Cessna 182RG

Piper Warrior
Piper Archer

*Be Advised : W&B requirements may not allow this instructor to train/checkout certain individuals in this aircraft model*

A Bit About Jordan

Born and raised in Colorado, I've enjoyed getting to know Colorado from the air since I began flying in May of 2021. I attended University of Colorado Boulder for a bachelor's in aerospace engineering, and now find myself helping those who are also drawn to the sky to successfully navigate the third dimension. Sharing the joy of the skies has only made flying more enjoyable, as the excitement of students refreshes my own. I aim to create safe, competent, and proficient aviators while also sharing the thrill of flight with those who find themselves looking skyward.

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