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Available Models:

  • Cessna 152 - 12 gallon
  • Cessna 172 - 19 gallon
  • Cessna 172 - 26.5 gallon
  • Cessna 182 - 39 gallon
  • Cessna 182 - 43.5 gallon
  • Universal - 11 inch (Calibration Required)
  • XL Universal - 16 inch (Calibration Required)

J-Air Fuelhawk Gauges & Wing Stoppers - Cessna & Universal Fuel Gauges

  • Fuel exhaustion is one of the leading causes of general aviation accidents. Even if you don't own your own aircraft, but routinely rent the same aircraft, having a Fuelhawk fuel gauge in your flight bag is one more measure of safety you can provide yourself and your passengers.
    Throw out your wooden dipsticks, and upgrade to a more accurate, reliable method of determining the fuel quantity in your tanks.

    Fuelhawks - $22.95 (ALL VARIETIES)

    Gaurantee your fuel gauge stays in hand and out of aircraft fuel tanks by purchasing a J-Air Fuelhawk Wing Stopper, with both a functional and enjoyable design!

    Fuelhawk Wing Stoppers - $7.95

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