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Edition: MED-HNDBK

Pilot Medical Handbook

Color: Blue
  • Being a safe pilot requires more than completing flight training and staying current. Full competency comes from the ability of a pilot to develop a keen awareness of the physiological aspects of flying, as well as those that influence workload and fatigue, decision making, and situational awareness. The Pilot Medical Handbook was compiled as a guide for study in these areas. With the Medical Handbook for Pilots Advisory Circular (AC 67-2) long discontinued, this new handbook is the only printed resource available with a collection of applicable FAA and Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI) documents, articles and reports.

    Topics include:

    •  Assessing and determining personal minimums
    • Medical certification questions and answers
    • Stress management
    • Information for pilots considering LASIK surgery
    • Visual illusions and spatial disorientation
    • Flying safely with passengers
    • Much more!
  • 9781560277170

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