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Discovery Flight

Introductory/Discovery Flights can be the perfect way to discover a new hobby, passion, or career in aviation! Available for any age or level of interest, these flights can be booked in advance, purchased as a gift, or scheduled same day (when possible). 

Due to an increase in customer traffic and emails, please call our office to schedule a Discovery Flight. Availaibility is best 2-3 days in advance. For weekends, please try to reach out one week in advance.

Pricing and Scheduling:


(1-Hour Flight)

Discovery Flights are booked in 2-hour reservations (1-hour flight with ample time for preflight, post-flight debrief, etc). They can be as casual (flying over Red Rocks, Mile High Stadium, your family home, etc) or as educational (experience a typical training flight with maneuvers and more) as you would like. 


These can be gifted to friends and family any time of year! A credit is placed on account, for the total flight amount, under the recipients name. Digital gift certificates are available on request. This credit does not expire! Recipients can call any time to schedule their gifted flight.

Flights are available in our Cessna 172s and Piper Warriors. Other aircraft can be specially requested, but may be subject to a higher pro-rated cost.

If you want to bring a friend or family member along, you may do so. However, due to the weight of that passenger, it may require us to place you in a slightly larger plane which would only require an additional price increase of around $15.

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