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Documents & Resources

RMFS Brochure

Get a quick overview of the aircraft and services available to you.

Introductory Paperwork

These three documents help us get you set up as a member of our school/club. The Aircraft Rental Agreement is important for all members to read as it outlines all rules and procedures.

Aircraft Checkout Form

To make our aircraft checkout process efficient and easy, we ask all incoming renters to fill out this form using the corresponding POH and aircraft information page for W&B specifics. For each Make & Model of aircraft you'd like to check out in, a checkout form must be completed.

Cessna 172XP Specific Addendum
Piper Cherokee Six Specific Addendum
Multi-Engine Specific Addendum
G500 Checkout Form

This form needs to be completed to fly any RMFS aircraft that has a Garmin G500 installed.  If you plan to fly in IMC you must complete the last page of this form and fly six approaches in a G500 equipped aircraft with an RMFS instructor.

Pre-Solo Written Exam

Student pilots can download the Rocky Mountain Flight School pre-solo written exam. Check with your instructor for details and review.

Aircraft Squawk Sheet

If you have an aircraft squawk please complete this form and e-mail it to, or bring it to the front desk at your convenience.

Aircraft Parking Diagram

Refer to this map when renting an aircraft, and remember to park each aircraft in its designated parking spot only. Please do not park in another assigned spot (unless as a last resort). The front desk should be notified immediately if any planes are parked incorrectly.

kbjc airport diagram.jpg
KBJC Airport Diagram

Airport Diagrams are available in every airplane checklist, however, students and pilots are more than welcome to create their own checklists and keep diagrams handy. For convenience, the current KBJC diagram is attached

Overnight Information Form

Please download and fill out this form if you will be taking an overnight trip of more than two days so that we may contact you in case of an emergency.  Please return the completed form to the front desk or leave it in the overnight box if you are departing before normal business hours.

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